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what is .IO meaning?

Are you seeing dot io everywhere but not sure what “io” is? Early adopters in the technology industry started using .io domain as its abbreviation of a standard industry term “input/output.” Initially serving as the official country-code domain for a group of small islands and atolls known as the British Indian Ocean Territory, .io domains have become a staple in startup culture. Internet users around the world associate .io websites with the latest and greatest technology and software brands.

As the new replacement for “.com”, .io domain is an alluring choice for technology startups for its versatility and brevity.

When it comes to domain names, the fewer characters the better. County-code domains like .io are always only two characters long, making them shorter and more memorable website addresses. Unlike some country code domains, however, you are not required to live in British Indian Ocean Territory to register .io domains.

The .io namespace is highly sought after, but still relatively new, which means there’s still time to get in. Start your search today, and your perfect .io domain can belong to you.


.io is a new domain and therefore many more names are available.

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