NIC.IO Domain Registry

for the .IO Domain and Sub-Domains

This responds to an unsubstantiated press report regarding potentially objectionable content in the .IO top-level domain. The .IO domain is the Internet code for the British Indian Ocean Territories.

The .IO domain is strictly governed by Rules that prohibit use of .IO domains to link to the kind of content referred to in the press report. Further, management processes at .IO ensure that any reports of such violations are investigated quickly and thoroughly, and that any offending domain names are deleted.

The Registry Manager take this type of report very seriously. Accordingly, we have contacted the source of the report, but have been unable thus far to obtain the specific names referred to (the names are urgently required to enable a proper investigation).

Details of .IO Policies are available at Policies.

"ICB treats complaints and potential breaches with the utmost seriousness, and enforces its robust policies for removing offending domain names, regularly taking enforcement action when complaints are made and liaising with law enforcement agencies."